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Easy Way to Installing Wood Stair Treads

Wood stair treads, When homeowners remove old carpets that pay the exact steps common timber or whenever they will have stairs hardwood however are so damaged that can no longer be repaired, pay the risers or risers and put in measures wood it’s an perfect means to mend them. Here’s how to set up wood stair treads measures:

Wood Stair Treads At Home Depot

Step 1) Probably the initial step in installing hardwood steps be cut Rounded borders ( leading part protruding rung) of existing steps, even if it won’t completely get rid of the old measures. To do this, use a circular saw or even a reciprocating saw and create every cut carefully using a handsaw, a multi tool swing, jig saw cutting flush or perhaps a hammer and chisel where the edges have been curved to the wall. Put in a sheet of plywood onto existing risers so it’s flush with leading edge of these steps can eliminate this measure.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Easy Way to Installing Wood Stair Treads

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Image of: Wood Stair Treads At Home Depot

In the end, look at each step to test its potency or see if there’s any movement which ends in squeaks. Stand on each measure and shift your weight from side to side to track down any squeak.

Measure 2) Thoroughly clean wood Stair treads crossing it sucking it and wiping the whole surface to remove dust and debris. You probably have to do this during the installment, especially in the event you choose to work from the top down, which is preferred method.

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Cut The first riser or even riser so it completely covers the existing riser. It is Ideal to install the risers or risers Individually, as it Attempts to accurately enroll the earliest steps have slight Details from 1 measure to the next. Once risers start Installing the rungs of the ladder.

Install Wood Stair Treads Without Showing Nail Holes


Quantify Width and the length of every stair tread. Each stair can be really a measurement that is different. This really is the end result of your house altering, curved walls or intended design elements. Allowing a 1 1/2-inch overhang, the minimum thickness of this stair drill needs to be 10 inches.

  1. Cut The tread into the specific size needed with a miter saw. The blade of this miter saw has to slice on the timber onto the other side of this conspicuous line along with your own stair drill will probably undoubtedly be too short. Don’t cut through the lineup or onto the quantified side of this fold. Both mistakes will give you a wasted stair drill.
  2. Number Each tread bit onto the rear side at which it won’t be seen after setup with all the corresponding measure number because they cut them. Stair treads are installed starting in the end step, and so which is likely to soon be measure .
  3. Stain The treads to defend the top of timber. Leave the blot to dry in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Apply the second coat and then allow blot dry.
  4. Establish The stair treads set up, testing each to be certain it fits nicely. Leave the treads onto their various steps till you’re prepared to install them.
  5. Squeeze A bead of foam adhesive along each stringer the measure will break on. Squeeze another bead across the rear of this tread, the other side that’ll be butted from the riser.
  6. Establish The stair drill set up and tap on the front border having a rubber mallet to make a bond with all the adhesive and the riser. Tap on very top of this fold at the stringers to make a bond with there.
  7. Leave the paste to fix in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and avoid walking to the staircase until afterward.
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