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Henredon sleigh bed

Description: Henredon sleigh bed having leather inset panels in headboard and footboard. Vintage Walnut Finish Headboard panel height 72 in. Footboard height 38 in. Side rail height 12 1/16 in. Floor to bottom of box spring 10 1/16 in. Optional box spring height 13 5/16 in. Stippled silver gilded feet, brass ring medallions Philippine mahogany solids, angel stump walnut, walnut straight grain, European walnut burl veneers


Width: 84.75″

Henredon King Bed

Henredon King Bed

Height: 72″Depth: 102.15″


This grand bed was inspired by a bed once owned by John D. Rockefeller. It has rich deep moldings with stippled silver gilded accents.

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Do not be fooled by the cheap cost

For the same size the cost of a springbed can vary, nevertheless at first glance the same shape. All you have to do is usually, ask the number of springs. The more the amount of spring the better the quality of springbed, so the cost will be relatively expensive. The commonly marketed springbed consists of 140 springs per square meter.

Ask for springbed resistance

Based on research through one of the companies in Switzerland, the anti-mite coating works by changing the feel of dead skin cells in which peel off when we fall asleep so the mites do not like the idea. Eventually the mite will die of starvation. Therefore ask the seller in which the springbed you are going to buy is usually equipped having a layer of anti-mites for your sleeping comfort.

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Some brands of springbed provide after sales service within the form of repair as well as replacement of upholstery. During fabric replacement, all springs, supporting layers to the foam layer are also analyzed as a whole.

Then How To Description With Henredon sleigh bed

Well, Henredon sleigh bed is usually Brand in which You are Interested Currently, How Explanations The Details To Get You Valuable Information?

Cost Henredon sleigh bed:

Cost According to Quality, Each Country Has Difference The cost is usually due to Regional Production as well as Distribution.

QUALITY Henredon sleigh bed:

Highly Recommend, for You to possess the idea Right away.The idea’s currently already scattered brand spring bed in circulation everywhere, so make your all of us choose longer if will buy the idea? Reality all brands presenting quality excellent, nevertheless we certainly do not know if the idea’s definitely Great or not if there’s no evidence yet. Referral is usually one Great way, them will tell you about the spring bed in which has been Used, such as comfort, durability or durability as well as also after-sales service.
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